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Doesn't open on iphone6

Had the old Navionics app on my iPhone3 and it was great. Can't get it to work on the new iPhone, so bought this and it flashes a black screen with my battery icon, then closes. This is useless.


Advertise California to Bering Sea, no Canadian charts included.

Total ripoff

I have no idea why they don't fix this. The first download on my g3 was fine But this won't open and they know it! Why not give people what they payed for. Is making money that important that it's worth stealing it? Seems so.

Crashes on startup

No joy- repeatedly crashes on startup. iPhone 4, iOS 4.3.3. Restarted phone and problem persists. No response from email to support. Clearly, no one bothered to test this one before publishing it to the App Store.


$5 for an app that will not open. Do not buy.

They just stole $5

This app doesn't work, it will not open. I should have read the reviews first. My fault I guess for letting these people take advantage of me. Do not buy it!!!

Doesn't work

Used to use on previous IOS and it was ok. Crashes on startup with both my phones on current IOS. Do not buy until they update.

This doesn't work

Like to review this however it does not open!! $5 for what? A credit screen? Sounds cool... Fix it! Clearly bugged. No responses from website either. So as far as I'm concerned, they have stollen $4.99 from me! Stealing is still illegal right? So 1 star = 0 from this guy as of right now...

Like this App

I have used this number of times to allow family members and friends watch my progress as I go boating. When I took a long trip my wife loved being able to see how I was doing. Great to allow recording tracks and email to friends and family members so that people see and know where you are.


I recommend this app to all. It actually works and is easy to use. I’m a beginner and it really helped me. It seemed to have great GPS, accurate details, tracks etc., and worked well. A must have app for boaters.

Data worth the price

I sail regulary for fishing on west coast, this map been very useful for me showing exact depths on chart, It's a great value and definitely the best fishing app I've found.

Great app

I'm a big fan of this map now and I agree with every thing!!!

Awesome App

This app keeps me sane!

Worth keeping

Exactly what I needed!

Works Great!

This app displays quickly and is a joy to use. Inveterate clarity, details make this app reliable and efficient.

Reliable Performance

This map adds a lot of confidence & safety when going to sea for those real dark early morning fishing trips...way out! The display is huge and always readable even in the brightest sunlight. The install was easy and directions were very understandable.


DO NOT BUY THIS APP IF YOU LIVE IN ALASKA it does not work it is a waste of money.

Missing lots - doesn't need to

WaterMap is relying on the s57 vector charts available from NOAA. Problem is, most of Alaska isn't yet well covered (mapped). iNavX and Navionics have MUCH better coverage of the areas I visit. I suppose there is some value to the adage that you get what you pay for, but in the world of FREEly available charting data, a low cost app should not necessarily mean thousands of miles of coastline should be missing or so poorly covered.

Truly not for navigation

The level of detail provided is pathetic, and the application is not user friendly. I don't expect perfection from an application like this, but I would like it to provide enough information to get in and out of common northwest harbors safely.

It never fails.

Fantastic for Iphone users.

like that>>>>>

Navigators definitely keep using this app. Its a key for them.

Handy Plotter!

“It's time to cruise" I appreciate, What an app is this!

I & App!

I love using this app while i sail on boat! This app is the best I have seen for navigation! and worth every dollar spent.

Good potential app!

"Well! Quirkless display, fast working, original symbols almost captured each and every feature with exact co-ordinates this shows the good potential of developer and I hope to see more options in the forthcoming versions."

Simple App

It is a simple application that is easy to navigate through..


Hard to find; fair prices & also amazing customer service, very good!!

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